Fetish Simulator

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Many comparable products can make clicking sounds and noises, which draw unwelcome attention and raise uncomfortable questions during your fetish simulation. Many similar devices on the market require the use of both hands, making their use more conspicuous and harder to hide or do in a 'natural' manner. The WizClear is completely silent and can functions with single hand operation. If you want a noise-free urine delivery system that will not ruin your realistic golden shower fetish simulation with unnatural sounds or manipulations, the WizClear is a perfect fit.

The WizClear is comfortable and functional for a male or female. With the WizClear's adjustable elastic band, the WizClear can be comfortably worn on the chest or the waist, providing several options for making the WizClear easy to hide or maintaining discretion.

Unlike other comparable products that only ship their urine delivery devices with enough synthetic urine to be used once. The WizClear also comes with two Rapid Clear Clean Pees and two sticky hand warmers, which allows for the WizClear to be used twice. Our refill kits are hassle free and priced with the goal to save money for the WizClear users looking for cheap synthetic urine refills.

Another great advantage of the WizClear urine delivery system is its great value as a fetish. Other, comparable urine delivery devices are shipped with just enough synthetic urine for a single use. The WizClear system comes with two Rapid Clear Clean Pee and two sticky hand warmers, so you will have everything you need to use WizClear twice with your initial purchase. WizClear Refill Kits are easy to use and priced to be affordable for those that need synthetic urine refills cheap and fast.


Temperature Strip

The attached temperature strip will allow you to monitor you're maintaining your WizClear at body temperature with just a glance.

Wearing The WizClear

The adjustable elastic band will allow you to comfortably wear your WizClear around your chest or waist with no issues.

Included Syringe

The easy to use liquid syringe allows you to inject your Rapid Clear Clean Pee synthetic urine into your WizClear without spilling.

Clean Pee

Rapid Clear Clean Pee is pre-mixed laboratory urine designed to have specific gravity, balanced pH levels, creatinine, and other factors typical for human urine.

What's Included

  • 1 Medical Grade Bag
  • 1 Temperature indicator
  • 2 Sticky Hand Warmers
  • 2 Rapid Clear Clean Pee
  • 1 60ml Syringe
  • Detailed Instructions

Preparing the Fetish Simulator for use:

  1. Open up the push button silent valve at the end of the tube and the white clip in preparation to fill the WizClear.
  2. Mix avail of Rapid Clear Clean Pee with two to three ounces of (60-90ml) of warm water in a cup. Tap water is fine.
  3. Use the syringe to draw 60ml of the mixed Rapid Clear Clean Pee into the opened valve. Inject the Rapid Clear Clean Pee into the opened silent push button valve. Make sure that all of the urine is deposited in the urine bag
  4. Close all valves. The urine should now be contained in the urine bag.
  5. Open the sticky Hand Warmer and attach to the side opposite of the temperature strip. Once the temperature indicator reads between 98-100, the device is ready for a realistic simulation. The sticky hand warmer will keep Rapid Clear Clean Pee warm for up to 5 hours.

Flushing the product clean with warm water is recommended after each use. Do not use any soap or detergent products.

Wizclear Fetish Simulator