Official site of WizClear brands including the Piss Perfect.

The Wizclear line of products offer various discreet synthetic urine kits for all real life scenarios, including the Piss Perfect, a life like prosthetic designed with a silent flow system that wont Click and can be operated with just ONE hand when dispensing your synthetic urine adding to a more realistic golden shower experiences when used properly. The WizClear line of products are intended as adult novelty items, pranks and gag gifts only.


Piss Perfect

$159.95 $119.95

The most life-like realistic fake penis for those real-life conditions.


Go Pack

$59.95 $44.95

Prefilled one time use non-refillable disposable 3 oz belt kit filled with our premium synthetic urine.


Fetish Simulator

$99.95 $59.95

The original refillable belt kit that comes with two synthetic urine.


Synthetic Belt

$49.95 $34.95

Our empty refillable kit that comes with everything you need and works with any type of fluid.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee since we know their effective when used.

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All orders are shipped in discreet packing to keep your purchase private from others.

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We know you have a sense of urgency to receive your products the fastest method possible. Overnight shipping via UPS is available for most areas in the lower 48 states.